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    I Am Ready For A Life Change

    MY Life Changing Journey.......

    I QUIT my $80,000 a year job today and I have never felt so FREE in my entire life. It seems financially crazy, doesn’t it?

    This is something that I have been working at NIGHT & DAY for a while now, but for the last 9 months, I actually made it happen! Read Below to find out how I MADE THIS HAPPEN!!

    I started waking up at 3:30am to work on my online business, I worked from 3:30am-7am. Then I would go to my Electrical Engineering job until 5:30pm.

    On top of this I was still going to the gym🏋️ 6 days a week and we had our other local business to run (Conquer Fitness Meal Prepping)

    I started on this journey before I found out we were having a baby girl👶💕. At the time, I was trying to become a full-time internet marketer.

    But I was putting in the “daily grind” to able to have that financial freedom….

    I had dreams of...

    - Spending every waking minute with my newborn daughter and wife, cherishing the moments I could never get back.

    - Traveling the world with my wife and baby girl.

    - Using the extra time to do the things I absolutely loved

    Although everything at the time was going against me… I wasn't ready to give up on my DREAM of building a business and a life that I was truly passionate about.

    I was SICK & TIRED of:

    - Being in a cubicle ALL day

    - Being Stuck in Traffic for 2+ hours a day

    - Not being able to Spend Quality time with my beautiful wife & baby girl

    - Not having the Time freedom to do the things I actually loved

    On May 2019, I finally decided to go ALL IN with my Affiliate Marketing & YouTube Business...

    I started my online business as an affiliate marketer, I created my youtube channel, created my Facebook group..

    I remember when I started, I never even thought quitting my job would even be possible or realistic...🤔

    But I kept my head down, understood that this process takes time and I WORKED!! HARD!!

    Harder than I have ever worked in my entire life...

    - Harder than I did when I was a Football Player

    - Harder than I did when I was a Wrestler

    - Harder than I did when I was getting my degree in Electrical Engineering

    So I can Finally call my self a Full-Time ENTREPRENEUR , where as before I was only doing this as a side hustle...

    Now I can serve my audience & my following at the highest level! If you follow me on Youtube, Facebook Group, My Personal Page, Email & my High End 1 on 1 coaching clients, I can now SERVE you at the Highest level...

    Because at the end of the day, If I can help YOU get the result you want, that will help my business & brand grow as a result of that...

    So the Main goal moving forward is to work even harder than I did before to SERVE You even more....

    I haven't even began my journey and I'm excited to bring the best of me....

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