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Welcome to my Online Home!

I’m a “seasoned” entrepreneur who loves my family, being an empty-nester, my creative side and everything pink and flowery. I’m a very positive person who had a rough start in life filled with neglect, abandonment, all types of abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, which lead to a near-death experience and a liver transplant in 2010.

Here is a little video of the journey through my liver transplant. I share it because one of the things that makes my heart sing, is sharing my story of victory over so many adversities in life, offering hope to those who feel hopeless, through Inspirational Speaking.

Mona Giordano: Miracles Still Happen Video on YouTube

This is my beautiful family

I believe that life is a gift, and I don’t take it for granted. I live every day to the fullest and I am blessed beyond measure. This was in December of 2017, when my baby boy, Chris married our beautiful daughter-in-love, Noelle. Our oldest son Michael, an daughter Lauren are on the left and my amazing husband, Peter is by my side on the right.

So how did I venture into this wild, ever-changing online marketing space? Here’s just a little of my story…

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur and brick and mortar business owner for 35 years. My husband and I own The Pest Control General Store, in Holiday, Florida. I am a State Certified Pest Control Operator (still), and he is who we affectionately refer to as “Dr. Bug.” Together we have helped tens of thousands of homeowners and small business owners do their own pest control and lawn & garden care using professional strength, industry-standard products, SAFELY and effectively.

After my life-saving transplant, I knew that there had to be more to life than rats and roaches, so I went on a quest to find my “calling” my purpose, my reason for being here on this earth. I tried several things, like starting my own inspirational jewelry business, opening a women’s coworking space and then decided to get certified as a life coach, so I could follow my heart and help women find their purpose and move forward into their dreams.

The problem was, that’s not what people came to me for! It was always about business. How to start a business, how to be profitable in business, and so forth.

At that time, my youngest son, who is a millennial, was doing ALL of the social media and digital marketing for all of my businesses. And then it happened…he grew up and moved out!!!

I didn’t know anything about graphic designing to create social media posts. I didn’t know anything about social media, period. I hated it, and when I had to start learning how to do it, it left me frustrated, confused and overwhelmed!

I tried learning it from YouTube videos and tons of free webinars from the so-called experts, but I got nowhere! They all spoke a language I didn’t understand, and went at a pace that was waaaay too fast for my learning style. After all, I didn’t grow up with a device in my hands, and had buried my head in the sand. It was a huge mistake!

I finally broke down and hired a coach, and it was the best investment I ever made! She taught me the basics of Facebook, Instagram and how to use CANVA to design my graphics to post as content. And then a strange thing happened.

I started posting on all my social platforms and the phone started ringing off-the-hook, with women, my age, asking me how I was doing that. They were asking me if I could teach them how to do social media, and said they’d pay me to teach them! Can you imagine?

It was too much to ignore. I had finally found “that thing” that I was created to do (albeit not in the profession I ever dreamed it would be), It found me. It has now become my passion.

Here I am nearly 5 years later, and I’m not only doing social media coaching, but now I’m branching out into all types of digital marketing. I’m learning more every day, and the more I learn, the more I have to teach! It’s an amazing adventure!

So there you have it. The Reader’s Digest Condensed version of how I got to this place in time. If you can relate to my story, and you need help trying to figure out social media and digital marketing, I’d love the opportunity to talk to you. You CAN DO THIS! I promise!

What Our Clients Have to Say…

I am a Social Media and Digital Marketing 101 Coach specializing in teaching “seasoned” women (who did not grow up with a cell phone in their hand) Social Media so they can thrive in today’s business marketing.

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